Paradise Enow

There is something extra special about having a place right on the ocean, and even more so when it is the warm part of the Pacific, the sand is golden, the water is a delicious blue. The waves roll in like small mountains but crash on the coral reef leaving a protected area for swimming and snorkelling. Today the sun came out with clouds scudding here and there and the occasional light shower.

After a drive 3500 feet up Waimea Canyon, and a walk on the beach at Kekaha, we drove around to the northeast side of Kauai en route we traded in our red mustang for a silver jeep. Brian said it was because of the clunking noise in the rear end, but I suspect he just wanted to impress Brilynn.

We are now on the beach at Haena. We don’t have as much space nor is our lodging as well equipped as at Waimea, but our hostess is very accommodating and our needs are met.Image
The beach at Haena in front of our new digs. Sunset…and yes, rain clouds moving in.


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