The value of a good sleep in a comfortable bed cannot be overestimated. We awoke refreshed to birdsong and roosters crowing. We are happy with our Waimea cabin across the street from the ocean which we procured through airbnb. Our host left wine and beer for us in the fridge, put fresh flowers…hibiscus and lilies in vases in the bathroom, livingroom and lanai. Neil left lights on for us so that we were able to find our way in the dark. This morning he visited to ensure we had what we needed and highly recommended Interislander Helicopter tour of Kauai. He even called them to see when we could book a flight and as there was a cancellation he led us to the helipad and waved us off.

What an amazing flight. Much of Kauai is only accessible by air. The canyon of the Paciifc, Waimea certainly is deserving of the title. We took lots of photos from our ‘no door’ 4 seater helicopter. Our pilot gave a great running commentary which we were able to hear with our headsets. We careened in and out of forested canyons, got up close and personal with many extremely high waterfalls, the tallest of which was about 3000 feet! None of our photos do justice to the experience.

After a sushi lunch on the beach we went snorkelling at Salt Pond Beach where we saw many colourful fish that we never saw in the Carribbean. Then we drove back to our cabin for sunscreen, towels, hats and a hairbrush. We will be more ready for our next excursion.

What a beautiful life!Image



  1. Hi So glad to hear from you. It sounds great Wish we were there. We are enjoying great weather here but that’s all not as exciting as yours Enjoy Barb and Bill.

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