Hawaii is a long way!

We were two hours and ten minutes late leaving JFK. In the first hour the plane was de-iced four times. sadly we were seated on the plane. The rest of the time we circled the runways waiting for our turn to take off. We heard later that we were among the last of the flights to leave. The rest were cancelled. Is Grey-Bruce snow following us?

There was a strong headwind;so, we didn’t make up any time on the flight. Thirteen hours later we arrived in Honolulu. That was a REALLY long flight with no extra leg room. I listened to a book, “and the Mountains Echoed”. Brian dozed more than I did.

Sadly we watched our plane to Lihue, Kauai leave without us. We were put on standby for the 7:12 PM flight (2 hours later) even though we were told the plane was full. Hooray, we made that flight…and we were given the exit seats…leg room! Only a 35 minute flight. 

We picked up our rental car, drove forty minutes to Waimea, bought some groceries and found our rental cottage. Now 24 hours after we got up in Buffalo, we are more than ready for bed.




  1. Aloha kakahiaka, Ryn!

    On the bright side, you have three things going for you:

    1 – You’re now more than halfway to NZ, so you’ve broken the back of this job;

    2- The next leg is more southbound than westward, so reduced headwinds and less chance of delay from that;

    3 – YOU’RE IN HAWAII!!

    (I trust you bought some macadamia nuts and tropical fruit juice & rum with your groceries…)

    Me ke aloha,



    PS: If it’s any consolation, we once took 13 hours to get from Frankfurt to Toronto, due to headwinds and monsoon rains over the GTA – had to sit in the plane, on the tarmac, in Ottawa, at night, for 3 hours – in May!

    PPS: Could you please add Lynn to the distribution list for your “rlftravel” posts? Thank you!

    Date: Tue, 4 Feb 2014 08:16:23 +0000 To: eckertjim@hotmail.com

  2. I wondered about your departure from JFK and had checked the status yesterday morning around the time that you were scheduled to leave. According to the airline, your flight left on time. I guess they count from when you leave the gate, not from when you actually take off.

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